Mandy, Lemon Dalmatian

A Word from Mandy

As the Relaxation Therapist at NetCent Communications, I deal with a lot of problems and questions in my day to day life. On this page I've decided to post a few of the most frequently asked questions about my job, and my life in the field.

Work is serious business, and things can get ruff, but that's a dog's life.

Aren't Dalmatians highly energetic dogs?

Answer: We most certainly are! I can run, and run, and run without even breaking a sweat! Sometimes I like to go out back on the spur of the moment and just run as fast as I can ... non-stop!

Is it true that you were adopted?

Answer: It certainly is! My initial owner wasn't terribly nice to me or my brother. A local shelter called the Clarington Pet Connection heard about it and took me away. The folks at the shelter are great, and they run a non-profit, no kill operation, but my time and patience was ticking and I needed to find a job - fast! I heard through the boneyard that NetCent Communications was looking for a new Relaxation Therapist, so I sent in my resume and their President, Doug Archell came in to interview me with his wife during an appearance at a local PetSmart. Although my typing skills weren't up to par, he offered me the job on the spot.

What on earth were you doing at a PetSmart store?

Answer: Ahhh, another good question. The local PetSmart doesn't sell dogs or cats, but they do work with local rescue groups and shelters that want to come in and show some of the dogs and cats that are in need of a good home.

Isn't it true that Dalmatians are, ummm, somewhat dumb dogs?

Answer: Ah yes, that old wives' tale again. The truth of the matter is, Dalmatians are anything but dumb. In fact, Dalmatians are smarter than most dogs. We can learn how to do things far quicker than most dogs, and sometimes we even pick things up just by watching other dogs going through training. Our personality is what sets us apart from the pack, and the reason why some humans have this misconception that we're dumb.

When you give us a command to sit, come, stay, or give you our paw, we know exactly what you want ... we just don't always see the point in it all. Some dogs like Labs will gladly shake paws with you 50 times in row. For us, the whole thing can just get real old, real fast.

Why would a company want a high energy dog in the workplace?

Answer: Although I can't ruff for all companies, I do know there are very good reasons why they chose me. As the Relaxation Therapist, it is my job to be wide awake when the staff need me. When they want to take a break and head outside to throw a ball, they need a Therapist that has the stamina to fetch that ball time and time again. When I'm having a session with staff members later in the day, they don't want to hear about how tired I am. This is an Internet company, and there's no room for slackers. And besides, let's face it ... I'm gorgeous!

Doesn't it bug you being stuck in an office all day?

Answer: Hey, ruff, who said anything about being stuck in an office? NetCent Communications has a special dog run for me behind the offices that's 40 x 30 feet! I come and go as I please! I run, I play, sometimes I'll just head out for a tan. Can you do that during the day?

How much do you get paid?

Answer: Grrrrrr not eruff! All my co-workers are driving around in nice cars and they get nice bonuses. With me, it's like they just throw me a bone to keep me quiet.

So are there any perks to your job then?

Answer: Of course! I have two beds, more toys than anyone I know, and people are scratching and rubbing me all day long! Going to work at NetCent Communications is like hitting the spa day in and day out! Not only that, but how many co-workers do you know that can just walk up to someone, drop to the floor on their back and then get their belly rubbed?

Comment: My job is better than yours.

Response: Rufffff hahahahahaha ruff. Does your employer let you sleep on the job?

Is there a down side to your job?

Answer: Good question! Well, being happy all the time can be somewhat taxing, but as the Relaxation Therapist, that's just part of the job.

What happens when you have to "go"?

Answer: Isn't that a bit personal? What happens when YOU have to go?

Ok, so, have you ever had an "accident" in the office?

Answer: The only accident I ever had was answering this question. Next question please, and would somebody please get my chew bunny.

Do you think Dalmatians are good for any family?

Answer: Thank you for asking that one! The answer is ... definitely not! With movies like 101 Dalmatians, we became a fairly popular breed. People see us in the movies and just love our cute and cuddly faces and spots. Unfortunately, far too many people really don't understand what we're all about before bringing us into their home.

We are an extremely energetic breed, and for us, getting a LOT of exercise and running around is a must, not a nice to have. A 10 minute walk a day just doesn't cut the mustard. All dogs need exercise and play time, but most people underestimate just how much energy we really have. We do not tire easily, and if we don't get the exercise we need with our family, we'll find other ways to burn it off ... and I guarantee you won't like our ideas.

We can bond very closely with our family, and we love having people around. In fact, we do best when we get to spend a LOT of time around our family and friends. We love being outdoors, but keeping us outside all the time is not good. With our short hair, we can get cold easily and we can even get some pretty nasty sunburns if you're not careful.

We do make great family dogs, and we will love and protect you - without fail. But heed my warning, we have energy like you wouldn't believe, and that comes from our breeding. In the old days we were bred for stamina, to run alongside the old horse-drawn carriages for hours at a time. Before you consider bringing one of us into your family, take a few moments to speak with a local Dalmatian breeder, owner, and your local vet.