Mandy, Lemon Dalmatian


Mandy Lemon


Relaxation Therapist


With 80-90hr work weeks being the norm, Mandy keeps the peace - and the sanity - in a somewhat hectic environment. Of all NetCent Communications' staff, Mandy has one of the most demanding jobs. She must remain happy at all times, smiling as Dals love to do, while dealing with virtually constant love and attention.

Mandy is a purebred Dalmatian known as a Lemon Dalmatian. Although not common, the coloring is a result of a recessive "e" gene. Pictured here at 8-months of age, Mandy was adopted from a local animal protection group called the Clarington Pet Connection that rescued her from an abusive environment.

If you're scratching your head wondering why there's a dog in the workplace, you might be surprised to know that it's more common than people realize. There are a number of corporations which have policies regarding dogs at work, including such well known companies as Amazon, Excite, Microsoft, Marimba, Netscape, Sony Pictures Studios, RedHerring, and more. For those that want to learn more, Mandy has her own FAQ page.

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